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Pregnancy Takes a Toll on your Body

From nausea and weight gain, to loose skin, fatigue and backaches; the physical consequences of pregnancy and childbirth are tough to deal with on your own. While it can be easy to put your own health and wellness to the side in an effort to care for your baby; your health and fitness doesn’t need to take a backseat.

A Happier, Healthier Pregnancy

At Core Fitness our pre-natal and post-natal training programs provide mothers with one-on-one specialist support that can help them: strengthen their overworked muscles, nourish their bodies, and rebuild their energy levels.

How Our Programs Work

Our programs are set up to ensure your health and safety at all times. Our professionally qualified trainer will work with you based on your doctor’s recommendations to design a holistic training regime that can help to strengthen and support your body, and prevent any potential injuries. That means no high-risk or strenuous activities. Training will be focused on low impact exercises with a particular emphasis on warm-ups and cool downs.

Each workout will pay particular attention to building strength throughout your core, glutes, quads and posterior chain. This will help you build a strong, stable muscle structure that can help you over the course of your pregnancy.

Strengthen Your Core

In the post-natal stage we want to provide your body with the focused care it needs to recover and reset in the most effective way. Targeted training is needed at this point to prevent injury during the initial phases of your post-partum phase. At this point, we will look to strengthen your core and other functional muscles through synergistic exercises.

Once your body is fully healed, we can up the intensity by adding cardio, plyometrics, and weight training into the mix to help you shed those pounds at a healthy rate. We will also provide targeted nutritional advice, to keep you healthy as you build your post-pregnancy lifestyle. Ultimately we want you to have the energy, strength and stamina to care for your child at your very best.

The Benefits

10 Pack

£ 500 Total Price
  • 10 x PT Sessions

15 Pack

£ 675 Total Price
  • 15 x PT Sessions

20 Pack

£ 800 For Pro
  • 20 x PT Sessions

*All sessions must be used within the time period agreed with the trainer.

Great pelvic muscle Toning – resulting in fewer episiotomies/tearing.

Allows less perceived exertion during labor.

Increases the cardiovascular capacity of the baby.

Improves posture and results in fewer aches and pains.

Train with the best

Keep your body
fit & strong.