Personal training for young people

Nida offers tailor made personal training sessions for young people between 8-18 years old children and young adults.

She has 10 years worth of experience in training young people and help them lose weight , develop good eating habits and have health relationship with food , while developing great self esteem and self confidence.

An increasing number of children are overweight or obese and without intervention 80% of them will remain overweight as adults. This can put them at risk of various medical problems including diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and sleep apnoea. Obesity can also adversely affect their self-esteem.

While training Nida also coach and educate you and your child about a healthy balanced diet and also suggest the correct diet plan for your child.

All our children’s packages come with a complimentary tailor-made diet guide and workout programme.

Packages for young people

Singe Session

£ 50 Total Price

10 Pack

£ 400 Total Price

*All sessions must be used within the time period agreed with the trainer.

Train with the best

Keep your body
fit & strong.