Group Personal Training

As human beings we depend on positive reinforcement and other forms of social support to achieve success in our personal and professional lives. The same holds true when it comes to achieving our fitness objectives. After all, even the most self-motivated athlete can become demotivated without any feedback or outside communication. At Core Fitness we want to create an environment that helps you stay connected to your training and nutrition, no matter what. With that in mind, our group training programs bring together small sets of highly committed clients under the tutelage of an experienced training specialist. These Klinics offer all the individual attention of a one-on-one session, within a positive, group atmosphere.

What Makes Our Group Training Programs Special?

Extra Motivation – Being around equally passionate fitness enthusiasts can really get your competitive juices flowing. When you’re just measuring success against your mirror and the scales, it can be hard to see your progress from day to day. In our group sessions, members are always pushing each other to work harder, and do more. Even if you were happy with your performance yesterday, these programs will make sure you’re more than willing to beat those efforts the next time around.

Structure – Exercise offers you an opportunity to stop thinking and start taking action. But when you’re left to your own devices the effort that goes into planning and executing your exercise routines can take a significant mental toll. In a group atmosphere you can leave all that to the trainer, all you have to do is show up and sweat it out.

Improve – Group training sessions are built around the idea of advancing your fitness incrementally. If you’re struggling to push past a fitness plateau then the steady skill and strength improvements offered by these programs can help you move past those hurdles. Watching your fellow team members progress alongside you, creates a real sense of camaraderie and community within these programs.

Fun – Let’s face it the daily grind of training can become boring after a while. Our group programs are focused on building a positive environment where everyone feels involved and motivated to contribute. You’re not just getting fit, you’re making friends too!

Group Training


10 Pack

£ 650 Total Price
  • 10 x PT Sessions

15 Pack

£ 950 Total Price
  • 15 x PT Sessions

20 Pack

£ 1100 Total Price
  • 20 x PT Sessions

25 Pack

£ 1250 For Pro
  • 25 x PT Sessions

*All sessions must be used within the time period agreed with the trainer.

Skipping workouts and leaving your partner to take the strain.

Mixing up the workouts and keeping it fresh!

Sharing the pain of the workout and the strain of the cost!

Push yourself against yourself and your partner!

Train with the best

Keep your body
fit & strong.